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Folding Beds

Having guests stay over is one of life’s pleasures, whether it’s friends or those family members who live much too far away for comfort. But if you don’t have guests all that often, it’s hardly worth getting a permanent extra bed in your home, especially if you’re struggling for space, as most of us are. Luckily, you don’t need to – a folding bed will do the trick.

These beds fold down to a really small size, so you can store them away in a cupboard or under the stairs when not in use. Then, when your guest has started doing that exaggerated yawning motion, you simply pop it open and invite them to get their head down!

Whereas some folding beds can be somewhat spartan affairs, we take great pride in making ours as comfy as possible, thanks to great construction and always a super soft mattress. In fact, our underbed folding beds will be indistinguishable from any normal mattresses you’re used to – because that’s exactly what they are.

A neat folding bed solution is the bed in a box. When it’s closed, it’s an attractive pouffe or footrest. But open it up and out pops the bed, and in a few moments, you’ve got somewhere for your guest to sleep. Then in the morning, it folds away just as easily. It’s a great dual-purpose space saver for your living room.

Our trundle under beds have a set of wheels on the sides of the legs, so you can easily roll it in and out from under a bed or couch. But because people don’t tend to like sleeping so close to the ground, all you have to do is swing the feet round and you’ve got a low bed that’s ready to sleep on in a few moments. Perfect!

All our folding beds are designed to be as easy as possible to open up and fold away. There are no tricky mechanisms and you won’t need to work out before opening them. It’s all about ease and convenience, so anyone should be able to set up these beds at a moment’s notice.

As for your guests, they’ll be delighted with what you’ve put them up on. Our folding beds come with comfort as standard, even if they look small. The main downside is that they might want to stay for the week rather than the night – you’d better order some extra milk.

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