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Guest Beds

When you’ve got people staying over, where do they sleep? On the couch? On the carpet? You could make them feel a little bit more welcome by getting yourself a guest bed. They come in many forms and are designed with comfort in mind, so hopefully, those guests will want to come again.

A guest bed staple is a blow-up bed. They pack away to a tiny size when deflated, but once they’re pumped up, they’re surprisingly comfortable – and definitely not just for camping. We stock both manual and electric types. The manual one comes with a built-in foot pump and takes about 15 minutes to blow up. The electric one has a built-in electric pump, which will have it up in around five minutes, and it’s as high as a normal bed.

Next up are the folding beds. You store them away when not in use, either in a cupboard or slid under a sofa, and then when you need it, you just pop it up and you’re good to go. They’re inexpensive but really comfy for a sleepover.

Day beds are single bed sized sofas that you use as a normal seat during the day, but because they come with a proper mattress, they can be slept on just like any other bed. Some people use them as their bed and sofa, especially those living in smaller flats. It’s great because there’s no folding or inflating to do every night – you just lie down and it’s lights out.

Sofa beds and futons are dual-purpose pieces of furniture that usually spend most of their lives as a seat, but can easily be folded out into a really snug bed when your guests need to sleep. They’re really popular because they are equally comfortable in both positions, and always look great when they’re in the sofa position.

If having guests sleep over is more of a regular occurrence, it might be worth investing in a more permanent bed. It probably doesn’t need to be convertible, and could actually be an inconvenience if you have to do it regularly, so lots of people get a decent but inexpensive bed to have as a permanent fixture for guests. We stock beds with a sliding underbed, which can come out if you have more than one guest, but they take up no more room than a single bed when not in use.

Whatever your budget and frequency of use, we’ve got the perfect guest bed for you.

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