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Looks are important, but the most vital part of the bed is hidden away under your sheets – the mattress. When it comes to mattresses, what’s good for one person isn’t necessarily good for another. Some like them hard, others soft and bouncy. Some need allergy resistance, others want an orthopaedic mattress. Throw memory foam into the mix and you’ve got a dozen things to consider when you’re choosing a mattress.

At Dunelm, we cater for every single taste in mattresses. Whatever your needs, tastes and budget, we’ve got a mattress for you that will help to give you countless restful nights’ sleep.

Your prime consideration is the size. Most beds come in one of several standard sizes, and you’ll be glad to know that our mattresses do too. If you’re putting a mattress on an old bed, measure it up and the one that’s closest will be the one for you. If you’re buying a new bed, the size will be clearly shown, and if it doesn’t come with a mattress, you’ll have to get one for it.

Next up is how soft it is, and how much resistance there is to sinking – that’s particularly important when you’re sleeping with a partner. Cheaper mattresses, with fewer springs, are prone to sinking in the middle, so the two of you can tend to roll together in the night, which can be uncomfortable. Getting a mattress with more pocket springs can help with this. It also means you’re less likely to be disturbed if your partner moves about at night. There are also open coil mattresses, which tend to keep their shape, giving you a more restful night.

Memory foam is a relatively new innovation, but many people swear by it, as it holds the position when you get comfortable, which helps them to drift off. You can combine the two types, as some mattresses are pocket sprung with a memory foam top – the best of both worlds.

Orthopaedic mattresses are designed for maximum support and are a godsend for those who are kept awake by aches and pains. And finally, if you’re one of those people who suffer from a dust mite allergy, help is at hand thanks to our anti-allergen mattresses.

The best thing to do is take a look through all the mattresses and look for the features that are important to you. You might have your mattress for many years, so it’s always best to make sure you’ve got the right one from the beginning.

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