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        Dorma Home Furnishings

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        Dorma Set of 2 Timeless Framed Prints



        Dorma Optic Vase



        Dorma Shell Vase



        Dorma Silver Decorative Tray



        Dorma Chesham Elegance Sweetie Jar Lamp



        Dorma Flowers Framed Print


        was £90.00

        Dorma Regency Navy Chenille Rug

        £149.00 - £249.00


        Dorma Regency Red Chenille Runner



        Dorma Tip Sheared Viscose Rug

        £25.00 - £40.00

        was £49.50 - £74.50

        Dorma Champagne 3 Aperture Mirrored Photo Frame



        Dorma Champagne 17 Aperture Mirrored Photo Frame



        Dorma Majestic Stag Framed Print



        Dorma Decorative Shell Bowl



        Dorma Grey Kobo Wicker Vase



        Dorma Hurricane Stone Candle Holder



        Dorma Dragonfly Framed Print


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        Dorma Home Furnishings

        Give your home a touch of sophistication with our collection of Dorma home furnishings and accessories. From statement chandeliers and eye-catching table lamps to stylish ornaments for adorning a mantelpiece, the Dorma homeware range brings instant class and style to your interior décor.

        Established in 1921, Dorma is a British heritage brand that prides itself on quality and integrity. Its stunning home collections are lovingly designed and created by passionate experts who have an exquisite eye for detail, so you can cherish them for years to come.

        Dorma lighting

        The right lighting can make or break a room. Choosing a Dorma lamp or light fitting can add a warm and cosy ambience to your home, ideal for relaxing with your feet up or socialising with friends. A chandelier light fixture makes a glamorous statement; the intricate Art Nouveau bronze-work of the Dorma Carrington 6-light chandelier provides a lavish finish to your home while the Dorma Fitzgerald 3-light chandelier gives a nod to the opulence of the roaring 1920s with its smoked glass prism droplets. Alternatively, the matching table lamps that accompany both these designs provide a luxurious yet subtle finish to any room or hallway.

        Scented candles

        The Dorma home furnishings range includes a collection of high-quality scented candles, designed to appeal to the senses. Choose Sweet Vanilla and Cedar to spread an enchanting aroma throughout your home or pick Lavender and Chamomile to infuse your bedroom and soothe you to sleep. Additionally, if you are searching for a thoughtful gift, Dorma candles make for an elegant yet practical present.

        Dorma ornaments

        Add a personal touch to your interiors with Dorma’s range of ornaments. An elegant glass vase is the perfect way to display fresh flowers in your hallway. Or why not choose a selection of mismatched photo frames and give your family photos a fresh, eclectic look.

        The Dorma brand is inspired by British luxury and stands for quality, integrity and trust. Browse the collection today and bring a touch of class into your home.