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              Door Curtains

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              Toledo Cream Thermal Pencil Pleat Door Curtain

              £20.00 - £26.00


              Highland Check Plum Lined Eyelet Door Curtain

              £49.99 - £69.99


              Highland Check Red Lined Eyelet Door Curtain

              £50.00 - £70.00

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              Door Curtains

              Door curtains are a fabulous invention and a product that is very popular throughout homes in the UK. A draughty door can often lead to homes feeling rather chilly during those cold winter months. Hanging a thermal door curtain at your door, especially a front door curtain can help to block out any cold draughts, meaning hopefully those painful heating bills can be slightly reduced.

              Our door curtains are stylish and can suit any room whilst complementing any type of décor you may have in your home. Our tartan door curtains give a more festive and traditional homely look, whilst our block coloured door curtains manage to fit in with various colour schemes you have in your room. As well a selection of different patterns and colours, we have door curtains in either pencil pleat or eyelet to suit whatever you need.

              Beaded door curtains are great for summertime to have in your kitchen or French windows they let in all the light and the glistening colours of the beads can look great when they twinkle. The beaded curtains help keep out insects and flies when you have your back door open or they are perfect for just creating an eye catching doorway.