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Not all beds come with a substantial headboard, so it’s good to know you can always find a lovely soft and stylish one that will fit on almost any bed and completely transform it. Also, if you already have a headboard but it’s getting worn or doesn’t go with the decor in your bedroom, it’s simple to buy yourself a new one – you don’t need to buy a complete bed just for the headboard. And at Dunelm, we’ve got a magnificent, comfortable collection of headboards that are as easy on the eye as they are on the head.

The great thing about our headboards is that they come with a sliding bracket, so you can choose to have it exactly as high as you want. Some like a big, bold statement headboard to set off the room, whereas others want something subtler, just enough to rest against. With our headboards, you don’t have to choose a height – you just tighten it in place wherever you want it. That also means that if you change your mind, it’s as simple as loosening it, moving it up or down and securing it in place again.

You can choose from hard wood headboards of soft upholstered ones. Our velvet ones are particularly popular as they bring a touch of opulence to any bed, and feel fantastic and soft against the skin. Plain fabric ones are also greatly appreciated, as their neat construction sets of a nice tidy bedroom with modern decor.

Our hard headboards come in wooden and metal designs. Both can bring a real classic bed style to any bed, and it’s an inexpensive way to give your whole bedroom a fashionable makeover without having to change the bed. They come in painted metal but also in a dazzling chrome finish for a modern touch.

Wooden headboards slot just as easily in place and lend your bed a neat, angular finish with shaker undertones, which is always a great look in the bedroom.

So whether you’re giving a tired bed a complete makeover or you’ve found your perfect bed but want to get a smart headboard with it, look no further than our magnificent collection. Hard, soft, wood, metal – there are so many to choose from, you’ll certainly find the one for you. Best of all, it’s like having a whole new bed for a fraction of the price.

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