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        Duck Feather Cushion Pad (42cm x 42cm)


        Cotton Cushion Pad (45cm x 45cm)


        Simply Microfibre Cushion Pad (42cm x 42cm)


        Simply Microfibre Cushion Pad (45cm x 45cm)


        Essentials Microfibre Cushion Pad

        £2.50 - £3.99

        Simply Microfibre Cushion Pad (52cm x 52cm)


        Cotton Cushion Pad (42cm x 42cm)


        Duck Feather Cushion Pad (32cm x 52cm)


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        Cushion Pads

        Here at Dunelm, we understand the impact an effective cushion pad can have on your enjoyment of your free time. With this in mind, we offer a variety of cushion pads in a range of shapes and sizes, designed to provide the support and comfort you deserve.

        Resuscitate your ailing cushions with our feather cushion pads, bringing extra bounce and softness to your sofa with a plump natural filling. Alternatively, our cushion foam pads react to your weight and shape, gently easing away your usual aches and pains. For lazy weekends propped up in your bed, our clever bolster cushion pads are also ideal for preventing neck strain.

        To find the cushion pad ideal for you, be sure to check out our full range as well as other chair accessories like dining chair covers.