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Cube Storage

Shelf units come in all shapes and sizes, but a really popular one is the cube-shaped modular design. It’s a really versatile design, available in a number of key shapes that make storage simple. You can mix and match with a few different styles, or choose specific shapes to fit in a particular space, while keeping a smart, consistent look around the room. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular arrangements.

Three in a row cube storage

Arranged three in a row, the floor standing cube unit is a great space-saving addition to a room. You can have it lying on the floor horizontally or standing vertically, so whether you want some low-key floor-level storage (great for kids’ toys) or more of a traditional shelf unit function, you can do either. And as you can still display things on top, or stack more units, it’s flexible too.

Square cube units

We stock square units in 2×2 or 3×3 formats, giving you four or nine cubes to store and display your things. People often like to mix it up a bit, with books in a few, ornaments in others, lamps, photos, plants or whatever else you want to display and use – and don’t forget, you can store things on top, too.

Stepped cube unit

Arranged in a 3-2-1 formation, stepped units form a vertical-sided triangle, and can be used both ways round. That makes them ideal for having some storage under stairs, but not everyone purchases them to be placed under the stairs – most customers just love the shape, and have the unit on display as it is, an interesting shape that breaks up the straight edges of a room.

Mix and match

All the cubes have the same dimensions, with each one being about 30cm (12 inches) along their edges. That makes them ideal for stacking and placing next to each other, so you can only imagine the number of possible arrangements you can dream up. Whatever the look and feel of your room, and however much storage and display space you have to spare, you’ll be able to satisfy your cubic needs with these versatile shelves.

All cube units come with a back board, so you don’t have to worry about things dropping behind them. Also, make sure you choose the style you want – some are wood finish with plain shelves and backing, while others have plain frames with wooden shelves and backing. Important if you’re mixing and matching.

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