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A Light to Remember

As the nights start to draw in sooner and last longer, we’re once again reminded of how much we value the right lighting. The seasonal shift from summer to autumn and ultimately winter can be a struggle for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Lighting is essential for lifting spirits and setting a cosy mood in the darker months, and these longer nights give us an opportunity to experiment and have a little more fun with the way we illuminate our homes.

Shade Style

That bare lightbulb or saggy shade that barely got a glimpse in July will soon become glaringly obvious. We’ve got ornate lamp shades and elegant pendants that can easily remedy even the dullest of your lighting woes. Many of our shades can be used for ceiling lights or floor lamps, so as long as you still like your stand it can be easy to freshen things up.

Perfect Pendants

The pendants - which can be mixed and matched - come in a multitude of different colours and shapes that offer an even easier way to refresh your current lighting situation.


LED Lead the Way

There are lots of design-led light fittings to choose from, and since the colder months are often used to welcome guests, why not push the boat out with something dramatic in your dining room and give entertaining an added sense of occasion. It doesn’t have to be something sparkly (although a bit of glitz will do wonders for the wow-effect), as we have lots of dramatic shapes and unusual designs to catch everyone’s eye.

If you’re looking to take your lighting in a completely new direction, let LED lead the way. The benefits of LED lights are far and reaching, but here’s just a few for now:

●      LED lights last far, far longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs

●      They're enormously energy-efficient

●      They’re ecologically-sound, too

●      They offer great design flexibility

●      They work instantly - no waiting around for them to ‘warm up’

You don’t need to stick with the traditional either. Create new areas of interest with little to no assembly required by filling a vase with a cluster of LED lights, and really help brighten up an otherwise dark corner and shoo away any seasonal blues.

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