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Let’s Talk About Texture

Brrr-illiant Ways to Create Cosy

When the season switches from sunny and balmy to soggy and brrr (even briefly) we all need a soft, cosy spot to snuggle up in. Texture is one of our favourite ways to give home a warming makeover, and while it's one of the truly universal tips that work in any room, we love to feel the benefits in the bedroom.

Layering is a great way to mix in more texture, and you can employ a staggered approach that gradually builds as the temperature dips, or you can go all-in with a tidal wave of sumptuousness.

Ultimately, we want to create a bed that looks inviting with a sort of oversized fit - then you can delve into the layers like it's a big squishy den. Creating a gorgeously layered look is easy, that marshmallow softness and cocooning in comfort follows on naturally.


Cocoon in Comfort

To create your nest, start of your with basics. The foundations of your bed should include a delightfully plump pillow (or a bunch of them), an enormous duvet that can completely envelope you. You might have these already, if so, you're set to start adding textures.

Bed linen doesn't usually have too much to offer in the way of different textures, but brushed cotton really makes a splash when it comes to the cooler months. The surface is literally brushed during making to encourage fluffy fibres to emerge and gives a much softer, cosier finish.

Add to your pillow pile with some chunky cushions of different sizes in luscious fabric finishes - think soft cotton, rich velvet, faux fur and Teddy Bear textures - they're practical for sitting up in bed to read (or stream, or scroll) and you'll be able to move them around for maximum comfort. Then accessories practically and beautifully with a big, warm blanket. Coordinate your colours and try to go for something classic so you don't suddenly go off it. Alternatively, if you find yourself in a décor slump and want to break out comfortably, choose something a bit different to your norm to mix up your look without committing to a whole new bedding set. Keep a second throw to hand in case you find yourself in need (they're also good to swish around your shoulders if you need to pop the kettle on).


Let's Hibernate!

Just because you're in the bedroom doesn't mean you're in bed - maybe you're sitting on your favourite chair in your self-styled reading nook, or maybe you're just relaxing with some music. We can't neglect the rest of the space with bed-centric cosiness, so we'll need to add in a big snug rug to warm up the floor and keep those toes toasty. Go for a long pile beside the bed that lends itself to a good quality sink-in sensation, and you'll add a layer of lovely texture that should help retain warmth too.

Think about the impact of texture at your windows too. Those sleek wooden shutter might look cool in summer, but in autumn and winter, we want a softer approach. Thick curtains with a textured finish will make a practical difference to your comfort, but will also tell your brain some positive things about how lovely, soft and cosy it feels around here.

The number one tip for mixing textures without ending up with a jumble of styles, is to keep a similar colour palette. You can go far with various patterns and textures, and as long as the colour scheme works together it'll be more boho than boohoo.


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