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Recycle-Me Wrapping 

Seeing a beautifully wrapped present under the tree sparks joy in us all, but having to figure how to dispose of the paper, tags and bags can put a dampener on the day. 

In the past our options have been to take the easy path and feel a bit guilty about not doing our part for the planet, or waste valuable celebrating time checking every scrap for recycling suitability. This year we’re making it easier on everyone by making sure all of our wrapping paper, gift bags, labels, ribbons and bows can go straight into the recycling, and we can get on with faff-free festivities.  

So, let’s take a look at what makes this year’s range so special!

That’s a wrap!

Whether you like to wrap gifts in stripy, spotty or plain paper or simply prefer to pop it in a festive bag, there’s always been the worry of what can and can’t be recycled. The general rule is, if it doesn’t pass the scrunch test (i.e. stay scrunched once you’ve given it a good squeeze) or has a glitter, metallic or plastic finish then it’s destined for the dump. 

To make things easier this year, we’ve removed all glitter and plastic coatings, and even our metallic designs have changed to shiny ink instead. Our papers and bags are just as attractive to look at and they’re perfect for the recycling bin, and the same applies to our parcel-prettifying bits like bows, ribbons, tags as well as our Christmas crackers. 

We’re so excited to be your (and our own) one-stop wrapping shop with our new recyclable range, so you’ll be able to stock up on a choice of designs to excite friends and family, and as a handy reminder to your recipients, the paper all says ‘recyclable’ clearly printed on the inside to let them know where it belongs after opening. 

Let’s have a cracking time!

You usually end up with a pile of plastic packaging before you start wrapping, but we’ve removed all plastic wrapping and windows, instead using paper alternatives to keep everything secure. All recyclable of course, so that’s another thing less to worry about.  

Available to pick up from your local store in just 3 hours with our free Click & Collect option, you can also snap up some eco-friendly crackers this year. Our new easy-to-recycle crackers include an option to make your own and fully personalise the little gifts inside. Sounds like cracking good fun to us!


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