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Your Summer to Autumn Transition

Win at Winter Layering

Just like your wardrobe, your home needs to add an extra layer or two to make cooler evenings comfortable. In summer we tend to want light, cool, smooth finishes but from the first waft of cool breeze it's all systems go to add richer, more comforting textures. 

When we're in that transitional period between seasons, our feelings about things can be as mixed as the weather. If you're anything like us, you'll be thinking half 'oh no, summer is leaving' and half 'yes, snuggly knitwear time is coming!' with a pinch of 'yes another excuse to freshen things up' for good measure. 

Change to natural light can often mean a desire to change colour schemes, and changes in temperature see a natural gravitation towards those thicker, comfier layers and comforting textures.  The easiest way to welcome in autumn while respectfully showing summer the door, is to add in some key accessories. 

Cosy up in your living room with sheepskin rugs on chairs and floors, and add chunky throws for maximum cosiness. In fact, get a whole pile of throws and neatly store them in a basket near the sofa so you don’t need to worry about chills or mess. 

Create a Cosy Glow

Shorter days are a reason to celebrate if you're a fan of candles and side lighting. You've spent all summer reaping the glorious glow of sunshine, and now you get to revel in the cosy ambience of darker evenings. Adding candles lends a touch of romance to any moment, but if they're not for you, opt for equally charming fairy lights to bring warmth and relaxation to any room. 


Comfort Food Favourites

In summer we're more likely to choose lighter options at lunch and dinner, but autumn brings with it a fantastic opportunity to indulge in something more comforting. Winter warming foods with richer flavours can be looked forward to more frequently, and while casual styles of dining are on the rise, there's a good chance you'll be able to warm the cockles with some lively friend and family company while enjoying something tasty. And let's not forget the staple of cold evenings: the humble hot chocolate. Sharing is optional when it comes to this one, as we think you'll be perfectly happy curled up on the sofa while cradling a piping hot mug of something sweet.

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