Anti Allergy Bedding

Keep your allergies at bay and get an irritation free sleep with our anti-allergy bedding, available to buy online today.

Here at Dunelm we offer a wide range of anti allergy and hypoallergenic bedding to help you get restful nights slumber without irritating allergies. We have a variety of anti-allergy duvets, anti allergy pillows and even anti allergy mattress protectors to choose from so refreshing your bedding will provide refreshing comfort and get rid of any allergy irritations.

More information about anti allergy bedding

Our anti allergy bedding range is suitable for asthma sufferers and our anti allergy pillows and hypoallergenic pillows for example have the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval much like our anti allergy duvets and anti allergy mattress protectors too. The well known Fogarty brand bring a wealth of anti allergy bedding to Dunelm and the anti allergy duvets have a wide variety of tog weights for you to have the perfect night’s rest whatever the season.

Unlike normal bedding the anti allergy bedding range is designed to resist dust mites and reduce bacterial growth making a perfect sleep haven for allergy and asthma suffers – to find out more information see our expert guide to anti allergy and we also offer other bedding options to choose from such as a wide selection of memory foam and orthopaedic products, the perfect way to compliment your refreshing new duvet and pillows.