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                        Duvets Buying Guide

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                        Tog ratings and duvet fillings explained to help you find the right level of warmth.


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                        Fogarty 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £10.00 - £20.00


                        Fogarty 1 Tog Duvet

                        £14.00 - £22.40

                        was £20.00 - £32.00

                        Fogarty 3 Tog Duvet

                        £15.40 - £25.90

                        was £22.00 - £37.00

                        Fogarty Touch of Silk 10.5 Tog Duvet

                        £28.00 - £52.00


                        Fogarty Cool Cotton 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £16.10 - £26.60

                        was £23.00 - £38.00

                        Dorma Sumptuous Down Like 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £40.00 - £65.00


                        Fogarty Touch of Silk 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £22.00 - £46.00


                        Fogarty Anti Allergy 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £13.00 - £20.00


                        Fogarty Duck Feather and Down 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £32.00 - £47.00


                        Fogarty Duck Down 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £75.00 - £130.00


                        Dorma Full Forever 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £45.00 - £75.00


                        Fogarty Perfectly Washable 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £12.60 - £19.60

                        was £18.00 - £28.00

                        Fogarty Light & Lofty Waffle 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £20.00 - £45.00


                        Fogarty Soft Touch 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £20.00 - £42.00


                        Dorma Full Forever Anti Allergy 4.5 Tog Duvet

                        £40.00 - £70.00

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                        Get a good night’s sleep with your perfect duvet. With a varied collection at Dunelm, from single right up to double and super king size duvets, plus a choice of material such as feather, down or synthetic, you’ll find the right fit to get cosy and rest perfectly. For a full bedding overhaul when you want to re-vamp your décor or invest in fresh and comfortable quilts for the entire family, we have everything you need to kit out your bedroom and dress your bed. As well as larger items such as king size duvets, we also stock cot duvets at the perfect tog rating, so that your little one gets a comfy night’s sleep too.

                        Which tog do you need?

                        We know it can be difficult to get your temperature right in bed. That’s why we offer high tog and low togs, so when the temperature changes outside, you’re still comfortable inside.

                        Stay cool during warm summer nights with summer duvets in a range of togs, from 1 tog to 3 tog duvets so you can avoid overheating when temperatures soar. When winter arrives, you may want to invest in a higher tog quilt to shake off the cold. For the winter, choose from 10.5 tog duvets, 13.5 tog and 15 tog duvets to keep your body temperature just right throughout the night.

                        For a touch of luxury, try a goose down duvet which can be extra soft and comforting, a feather filling is still lightweight and efficient when it comes to regulating your temperature, but its soft fibres are hard to beat. If you’re looking for unrivalled quality, take a look at our Fogarty duvets and quilts. They’re manufactured by duvet experts who have been making comfortable bedding for hundreds of years, using both natural and synthetic fibres to suit all requirements.

                        Anti-allergy duvets

                        Do you suffer with allergies? Browse our anti-allergy duvet range, made with cotton and filled with hypoallergenic down designed specifically for allergy sufferers, so you don’t have to worry about allergies disturbing your sleep each night.

                        Choosing an anti-allergy duvet will help you breathe easy and sleep even better, as the down-fill will counteract bacteria and dust mites that may cause reactions to occur. You may think that feather duvets aren’t suitable for allergy sufferers, but they can be very effective when it comes to reducing harmful bacteria and allergens so you can sleep peacefully.

                        Take a look at our full range and invest in a comfortable night’s sleep whether you choose a goose down, feather or our range of synthetic duvets in sizes from single up to king size.