Ideal for small spaces, this stunning style of bed offers you a relaxed and comfortable place to sit down and unwind throughout the day, yet at night time provides a wonderfully snug and cosy place to rest your head and sleep.

Elegant seating to suit your décor

Carefully designed, our range of day beds feature traditional finishes with intricate designs. Whether you’re looking for a serene white day bed made from wood or a metal day bed for something more contemporary, each will add a sense of calm to your home – the perfect place to cosy up and relax.

For a unique and stylish take on extra seating, a day bed will provide you with extra space for your family to get close and spend time together, or for guests to be comfortable in your home.

Dressing your day bed

Wondering how to dress your day bed? For the perfect napping spot, fill it with cushions and luxurious textures. A super-soft throw draped over the bed will give family and friends the option to snuggle down if they want to.

To create the perfect reading spot to unwind, tuck in a throw for a tidy look, which can be pulled out and slung over you when you fall asleep.

Expecting guests? You may want to strip back your day bed. Dress it with crisp sheets and a matching duvet, folded back to invite your guests in after a long day.

If you’ve opted for a three-sided day bed you may want to cushion the backboard with bountiful pillows. Choose several in different sizes and patterns for an eclectic take on dressing the bed.

Enhance your living space with a luxurious day bed that will add a unique seating option for your home. Browse our range today.