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Less stuff on show

No fuss or mess, getting your bedroom tidy couldn’t be easier or more stylish.

Bed Frames

The bed frame has three purposes – to hold the mattress, to give you some storage space and to look amazing in your bedroom. You can be assured that at Dunelm, all three considerations are catered for.

Let’s start with the size. Kids’ bed frames aren’t just about size, of course – they incorporate all sorts of styles from playful, adventurous beds to something purely functional, and don’t forget how useful bunk beds are for growing families in smaller homes.

Single bed frames come in a standard size, which is handy when you’re looking for bedclothes, and they’re a great option for younger people or anyone living where space is at a premium. Speaking of space, don’t forget we sell divan single bed frames, so there’s some storage space underneath, which is really useful.

Double, small double, king and super king are the four larger bed frame sizes for two people, although plenty of single people choose a double – and why not? Larger bed frames mean more comfort, which is perfect if one (or both) of you is a bit of an active sleeper, as you’re less likely to wake your partner. What you gain in bed space, you lose in floor space, so there’s always a trade-off, which is especially pressing in smaller bedrooms. A super king-size frame is about 1.8 metres wide, so considering you’ll also want other furniture in the room, it’s clear that you need to plan your room carefully if you’re looking at that size.

The style of bed frame multiplies your options several more times. As a rule, it should match the general decor of the bedroom, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching. A metal-framed bed goes really well in a wooden-furnished room, for example. We’ve got bed frames in wood or metal, as well as those covered with fabric or leather, so whatever you’re going for, we’ve got it.

Finally, there’s storage. There’s nothing wrong with sliding storage boxes under a traditional bed, but a purpose-built divan bed frame gives you that little bit more convenience and style. They’re brilliant for smaller dwellings, especially when you consider the fact that there could be four square metres of wasted space under there if you’re not using it well. So you can count our divan bed frames among our storage solutions. It’s a cosy and chic place to lay your head – and plenty of other stuff.

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