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Children's Beds

However old your child is, they’ll love a bed that’s just for them. That’s why at Dunelm we stock a superb array of kids’ beds, from the magical and adventurous to the purely functional one that they’ll appreciate as they get a bit older.

For the really young ones, we’ve got cool beds that bring a little storytelling into their lives. If they’re into racing cars, the racer bed is an absolute must, a high octane thrill that you’ll have no trouble getting them in at night. Frame beds have a roof-like structure that’s perfect for becoming a palace, castle, house, vet or tent whenever it’s playtime – just throw a sheet over the top and let their imagination take them away. They’re also great for wrapping fairy lights around, for a really magical look every night.

Eventually, they’ll be old enough to be doing homework, so one of our sleep station beds is just perfect. It combines a bed with storage and a desk underneath, a brilliant space-saving piece of furniture for kids’ rooms. They come in low and high versions; the high one has a slide-out wardrobe and drawers, great for hanging and folding clothes.

So however many children you have and what ages they are, we can sort you out with beds for them and their friends that are fun, functional and high quality. Children’s beds are often much more than just beds, so have a good look through the collection, as there could be some with amazing features that you’d never thought of before, which could suit your kids right down to the ground.

Most of these beds are single or small single size, although triple beds have a larger bed at the bottom, so make sure you’ve checked out the dimensions when you come to get your mattresses. A single bed could last them from toddler to teenage, so bear that in mind if you’re trying to economise – they’ll certainly last that long!

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