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Storage is the greatest problem most householders face. You want as much floor space as possible, but storage solutions eat into all that space relentlessly, meaning storage units themselves end up being clutter. But there in the bedroom lies two, three, four or more square metres of unused space in the shape of a bed. And it’s just waiting to be used for storage. You just have to get the right bed.

That’s where our storage bed frames come in. They have built-in drawers or a lifting top, so all that room under the bed is easily accessible to anyone. It’s perfect for keeping unused bedding in, or clothes, holiday equipment or even things you use every day like your favourite dressing gown.

Available in a rainbow of colours and several beautiful materials, our storage bed frames buy you all that accessible space in a way that suits you and your room. The great thing is that when you place your order, you can actually specify where (or if) you want the drawers – and that can mean on the sides, on just one side, or at the foot of the bed, or a combination of those placements. So if you have your bed up against a wall, you don’t have to worry about getting a drawer where you’ll never use it. Isn’t that a good idea?

Lifting frames come with mechanical assistance – so don’t worry, you don’t need to be strong enough to do a clean and jerk with a mattress every time you want to get in there. The advantage of a lifting model is that you don’t need any space around the edges, so if your bed isn’t much smaller than the room, you’ll still have full access.

Because these storage bed frames are just the frame itself, you can use your existing mattress – a great way to get all that extra storage without the extra cost. Just make sure you know what size your mattress is so you can buy the right bed frame. Of course, if you’re buying it for a brand new room, you’ll also need to get a new mattress, so once you’ve chosen your frame, head over to our mattress section to find the one that’s perfect for you and your new, opening and closing, space-saving storage bed.

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