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Weighing and Measuring

Whilst cooking and baking is hardly an exact science, having a slapdash approach can have the potential to make or break what ends up on your dinner/dessert plate. This is especially the case when it comes to weighing and measuring your ingredients. Fortunately, here at Dunelm we have a wide range of kitchen scales and measurement cup & jugs to ensure your recipe turns out nothing less than perfect! Find out more about the food scale and measurement products we stock below.

Digital Kitchen Scales Digital kitchen scales are an increasingly popular option. Never has it been so easy to weigh the ingredients for your favourite meal or baked treat than with digital scales. They utilise control boards and sensor chips to provide accurate, efficient and precise readings meaning you no longer have to concern yourself with any guesswork. Plus, they tend to have a slimmer, more compact design that can easily be tidied away in cupboards or drawers when not in use.

Mechanical Kitchen Scales Also known as spring scales, mechanical scales are often preferred for their retro and old fashioned style. They’re also not as sensitive to water damage as digital alternatives, and are more portable in that they don’t require power, batteries or cords.

Measuring Cups, Jugs & Spoons Many recipes require both dry and wet ingredients. At Dunelm, we have a variety of measuring jugs for these precise differences. Typically, our measurement jugs are made from plastic or glass, making them dishwasher friendly - as is the case for our measurement cups. In addition to jugs and cups, measuring spoons are also a kitchen essential. For instance, take the scenario of adding spices to your dish. Should you add too much or too little spice, the overall flavour of your dish will be dramatically impacted. 

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