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Solid, reliable and ever so pretty, our metal beds draw inspiration from many sources. Some are unmistakably Victorian in origin, with the wrought-iron style formwork and prominent bedknobs that have never really gone out of fashion. They are recognisable by their parallel bars, often with a sweeping curved cross-strut that gives great balance to the design (and lets you watch the telly unrestricted, just as the Victorians intended).

Other metal beds are designed with very modern tastes in mind. The low, angular simplicity of the simplest of metal beds set off the bedroom in any fashionable pad with their sleek, tidy lines. There’s nothing there that doesn’t need to be there – flourishes give way to cool, efficient utility.

In between, we’ve got plenty of brilliant metal beds to choose from. They might have some decoration, but it’s nothing too fussy, yet interesting enough to give the bed a little personality – and that’s exactly what many of our customers want.

In terms of finish, the sky’s the limit. There’s the shiny delight of a chrome finish, guaranteed to catch all the lights in the room – a super addition to a modern bedroom, where spotlights, downlights and bedside lights give a flood of illumination. Nickel, bronze and brushed metal are more understated than chrome but retain that metallic shimmer that people love – and they’re much easier to decorate around because you can go classical or modern and they’ll never look out of place. Or you could go for painted metal – black, white or any other colour you can imagine, the finish is there for protection and beauty, and allows any intricate features to shine through.

Metal is loved for its flexible options, too. A day bed or fold-out bed retains its beauty thanks to the light framework while staying strong and functional enough for everyday use. They make great bunk beds too, taking up minimal space in your kids’ bedroom while retaining their strength and purpose wonderfully.

Of course, our metal beds come in every size you could ever want. From children’s sizes, through single and double, right up to king-size, there’s a metal bed that’s just going to slot into your bedroom and retain the elegance and lightness of touch you’ve designed into it.

Chosen your perfect metal bed? Now head over to find your ideal mattress, duvet, bedding and pillows to really set the scene for thousands of good nights’ sleep.

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