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Comfort and style – that’s what you need most in your dining chair set. It’s why Dunelm goes to such great lengths to source the very best chairs from the most skilled designers and manufacturers. So when you come to lay them out around the dining table, you instinctively know that they are just the right chairs for the room. Your guests will notice too.

So, what style are you looking for? You can have whichever type you like when you shop at Dunelm. You might want a simple set of wooden chairs, with all their traditional charm – we’ve plenty of those to choose from. Or you could go for something that’s completely modern to match your fashionable dining room decor. Whatever you choose, we’ve got it.

Whether you want padded, semi-padded or hard is another choice you can make from our collection. We’ve got fully cushioned and upholstered chairs, a really comfortable option for long dinner parties and lengthy meals at the table – they’re also useful if you use your dining table as an office, too.

Alternatively, you can choose a padded seat with a hard back, a great compromise, as people don’t tend to lean on the back much, and it lets you keep a traditional wooden look. And finally, we’ve got hard chairs, the standard wooden type that carpenters have been making for centuries. Of course, you can always add a temporary cushion if you want, but unlike the cushion, you’re not tied down by your choice.

Another fashionable option is to use a bench. It’s a really great way of having social dining occasions, giving the mood of a noodle bar or cool artisan cafe. Again, you can always pad up with cushions if you want, but there’s something fun about having everyone sitting together on a bench that really helps the dinner party tick along in a fun way.

A set of bistro-style chairs is also a fun and unusual way to seat your guests, the metal frame giving a solid feel but with the wider construction making them airy and fresh. There’s something about bringing the outside in that makes them a big favourite, although you should make sure they suit the table, as not all of them work with certain designs. Check out our dining sets if you need some inspiration, or to see what types of chair complement which types of table.

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