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Ottomans & Storage Trunks

We can help you solve your big storage problems with some even bigger storage solutions. Ottomans and storage trunks have never been improved upon when it comes to storing away anything from bedding to paperwork, so it’s natural that Dunelm should have such a huge collection of them. Many of the items here are more than just boxes; some are also seats, and there are those that could be considered ornaments in their own right. Here’s our range.

A good trunk can solve a lot of your storage issues around the home. They’re built solely for storage, so expect large volumes and strong construction, designed to be left somewhere out of the way and filled with would-be clutter. Storing large things like blankets is simple enough, but if you’re storing smaller things, it’s a good idea to have storage within storage, so head over to our boxes section to find brilliant boxes to keep your things organised and retrievable.

You can opt for a plain wooden storage trunk, and that’s absolutely perfect, but we also stock painted trunks, including some chests with beautiful patterns painted on them, ideal if they’re going to be on display. For the ultimate in accessible storage, why not go for an open-topped crate – it’s perfect for toys and games, a blanket box, bedding or anything else you want to tidy away but still have access to.

Ottomans are a cut above simple storage trunks, and many of ours come covered in fabrics and are padded on the top so you can use them as a seat. That means you can have them out in the living room so they’re a handy storage unit but also a place for guests to sit. You can also put one next to your bed if you like. Again, it’s great for storage – typically bedding or clothes – but you can sit on it while you’re dressing, which is really handy for a lot of people.

Storage often leads people to throw things in any old container like cardboard boxes and carrier bags, but with a little organisation, you can have storage solutions that not only hold plenty of things, but also look fantastic, and could even serve a secondary purpose.

If you’re having storage issues, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect answer here. And you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy boxes back from the shop – order online and we’ll bring it to your door.

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