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Shoe Racks

Shoes and boots can be a constant source of clutter if they’re not properly stored. People tend to kick them off when they get into the home, leaving a pile in the hallway, utility room or kitchen, and it’s not long before they get scuffed and lost – not to mention becoming a trip hazard. Let’s get all this sorted out now, with our magnificent collection of shoe storage solutions.

Shoe storage can broadly be divided into two types. First, there’s the type where your shoes are visible and ready to pick out and put on when you need them. And second, there’s shoe storage for when you’re keeping them safe for a later date, for example a place to keep your summer shoes in winter, and vice versa.

Shoe racks

A shoe rack is a great addition to those rooms where shoes tend to congregate. It keeps your shoes in pairs, ready to pick up and put on, and all neat and tidy. And best of all, shoe racks come in layers, so you can store plenty of shoes without using up much floor space. Choose how many layers you need, from two to five, and store away. We have wooden slatted models, tubular metal designs, and a popular option is the shoe bench, which combines a pigeonhole-style shoe rack with a bench, so you can sit down when you put them on. Finally, you can take up zero floor space with a shoe rack that hangs over the top of the door, a really smart idea, with space for more than ten pairs of shoes.

Shoe cabinets

A smart way to store your shoes is in a shoe cabinet . On the outside they look just like any other cabinet, but open them up and you see they’re custom made for shoes. They work really well in a hallway or porch because you can put ornaments, pictures or flowers on top for a warmer welcome.

Shoe ottomans

If you prefer your unworn shoes out of sight and out of mind, our shoe ottomans could be just what you’re looking for. Large enough for any shoes or boots, you can keep plenty of pairs tidied away in these boxes. But it doesn’t stop there, because they make great pieces of furniture, too, ideal for sitting on when you’re putting your footwear on, but looking stylish when they’re not in use.

You can get shoe ottomans in two sizes: a long, rectangular one and a cube-shaped one. Both are great sizes for storing shoes, and they can double up as seats, ideal for when guests come round and you run out of chairs. Simply choose your colour, your material and your finish and we’ll deliver your ottoman to your door.

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