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Bed Linen Buying Guide

Bed Linen Buying Guide

Everything about fabrics, sizes, care and more

A good looking and comforting bed is something we should all get to enjoy, which is why we are proud to offer a large range of bed linen to suit everyone’s budget and style. Quality sleep is a big deal, and we are passionate about creating products that will last from durable cotton blends to luxurious Egyptian cotton.

Our bed linen buying guide will help you to find the perfect bed linen to suit your need whether you’re just setting up in your own place or you’re refreshing your family home.

What size do you need?
Bed linen that fits your bed and bedding properly will save you from getting tangled in excess material or trying to stretch the unstretchable to keep you comfortable. Check your bed size here and find bed linen to match.

Size of Bed:Sheets to Fit Mattress Size:Duvet Cover to Fit Duvet Size:
Single90cm x 190cm135cm x 200cm
Small Double (3/4 Double)120cm x 190cm175cm x 200cm
Double135cm x 190cm200cm x 200cm
Kingsize150cm x 200cm230cm x 220cm
Super Kingsize180cm x 200cm260cm x 220cm

What are the different depths of fitted sheets?

We offer fitted sheets in depths from 25cm – 38cm. Getting the depth of your mattress right is the key to a good fit. Too small and you’ll put too much pressure on the fabric which could cut its life, too baggy and it could come off while you sleep.

What size is a small double bed?
A small double, also known as a ¾ double is 120cm x 190cm in size. You’ll often find small doubles in University accommodation, and you’ll find bed linen and bedding protectors to fit them here

What is the best bed linen to keep you cool?
A percale weave is ideal for the warm sleepers our Dorma 300 Thread Count is perfectly crisp yet soft against your skin. Get the ultimate cooling experience by pairing your bed linen with cooling mattress protectors and pillows.

What is the best bed linen to keep you warm?
Brushed Cotton and Teddy bedding are extra soft and fluffy, so they’ll be perfect to keep you warm and cosy, especially through the colder months.


Composition is just a fancy word for 'what it's made from', and we make our bed linen from a range of natural and synthetic materials and different blends. Here are our most common options:

What is 100% cotton?

If it’s made from pure cotton, your bedding is naturally breathable, wicking away moisture to keep you comfortable, while also being soft and cosy. Cotton plants are ‘picked’ and the fibres spun into a yarn which is then woven into soft, durable and absorbent fabrics.

Try our Easycare Cotton range for a soft and cool night’s sleep.

Our Ranges

All our bedding ranges have been designed to make dressing your bed as stress-free as possible:

  • All of our fitted sheets are fully elasticated all the way around to fit securely to your mattress.
  • Our pillowcases have deep envelopes (flaps) to ensure your pillow stays inside and doesn’t show.
  • All of our duvet covers have ‘shoulders’ either side of the opening to keep your duvet in place all night.
  • Our care labels clearly state what the item is and its size, which should shorten your hunt in the linen closet.




Egyptian Cotton is a strong luxurious fibre, renowned for offering a smooth finish while ensuring the best performance. The sateen weave is smooth and silky to the touch, with a luxurious lustrous finish.



Tips from our Buyers:

  • Try mixing various colours to create a calming palette consisting of duck egg, silver and greens, or create an impactful statement mixing ochre and grey or mulberry and teal.
  • Don’t be scared to mix different fabrics to suit your needs, for example a cotton percale fitted sheet for coolness and a silk pillowcase to help control your hair and resist wrinkles.

How to care for your bedding:

  • Washing your bedding before use will rejuvenate and enrich the feel after manufacturing.
  • Wash your bed linen weekly to keep it looking at its best. Not only does this create a hygienic night’s sleep but leaving it longer can cause discoloration.
  • Always separate your bed linen into light and dark colours to avoid colours running in the wash.
  • Remove the washing out of the machine as soon as the cycle is complete to avoid them smelling damp.
  • The temperature on the care label is a reference to the highest temperature your linens can withstand, so consider washing at a lower temperature which is kinder on your product and the planet. Running a prewash may be necessary for heavily soiled linens and most modern detergents provide excellent results at low temperatures.
  • Be sure to use the amount of detergent that the packaging states. It won’t get any cleaner the more you use.
  • Avoid washing your bed linen with clothing as hooks and zips can catch on the delicate fabrics and damage them.
  • Where possible we recommend line-drying your bed linen to minimise ironing and reduce your impact on the environment. Line-drying percales will help to make the ironing process quicker and easier.
  • If you love the look of crisp ironed bedding, then iron your sheets when they are almost dry as this will help with stubborn creases. It is also worth bearing in mind when choosing your bedding that percale fabrics are more prone to creases than sateen fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is thread count?

When we use the term thread count we're referring to the number of threads woven together within a square inch of fabric. We offer thread counts ranging from 144 to 1000. A higher thread count generally means the fabric will be softer, smoother and more refined.

What is the Dorma 10 Year Guarantee?

It’s the Dorma “stamp of approval". This means that the product has been washed a minimum of 100 times and is then performance tested to guarantee the product is the best quality. This policy offers a 10-year guarantee in the form of a refund, repair or replacement if the product is found to be faulty within 10 years of purchase.

What is Good Housekeeping?

Good Housekeeping only permits its limited warranty seal of approval on products that have been evaluated and assessed by the institute to specific requirements to ensure they perform as intended.

What is OEKO-TEX Made in Green?

OEKO-TEX Made In green is a traceable product label for textiles that verifies that a product has been tested for harmful substances. It also guarantees that the product has been manufactured using sustainable processes under socially responsible working conditions.

What is OKEO-TEX Standard 100?

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 verifies that a product has been tested for harmful substances. If a product carries the STANDARD 100 label you can be certain that every component (thread, button, zip etc) has been tested for harmful substances and is therefore harmless in ecological terms.

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