Rope Tiebacks

Keep your curtains neatly contained out of the way of your window by using some of our convenient and stylish rope tiebacks.

Infuse your home with a sense of grandeur and luxury, these Moroccan themed curtain tiebacks ensure that your window dressing stays pulled back and does not sag and look untidy during the day.

More information about rope tiebacks

The easy to use functions of our rope tiebacks ensure you can instantly keep your curtains out of the way in a matter of moments. Crafted form hardwearing and highly durable blends of materials, our rope tiebacks will continue to hold back heavy and large sets of curtains for years to come. 

Combine your curtain design, rope tieback and curtain pole in order to make a personalised feel that will add a sophisticated look to your room and surely impress friends and family. Select from a range of colours and you can be sure to find the right shade to suit your decor and colour scheme. Available to purchase online today, our rope tiebacks are the classy and elegant method of tying back your curtains that will replicate a traditional decor to be proud of.