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                Tablecloths & Runners

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                Spectrum Tablecloth

                £11.00 - £15.00


                Spectrum Round Tablecloth



                Beautiful Birds PVC Tablecloth

                £6.00 - £10.00


                Beautiful Birds Round PVC Tablecloth



                Paper Tablecloth



                Silver Paper Tablecloth


                Silver Jacquard Tablecloth

                £10.00 - £15.00


                Christmas Tree Tablecloth

                £10.00 - £12.00


                Poinsettia Red Jacquard Tablecloth

                £8.00 - £10.00


                Poinsettia Natural Tablecloth

                £18.00 - £28.00


                Linen Spot Tablecloth

                £15.00 - £26.00


                White Damask Table Cover



                5A Fifth Avenue White Small Tablecloth



                5A Fifth Avenue White Large Tablecloth


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                Here at Dunelm we offer a wide range of tablecloths and table runners, from napkins to table protectors. For creative households, we have a great selection of plastic tablecloths and PVC tablecloths, perfect for placing over your dining table during a baking session or messy sitting of arts and crafts.

                Tablecloths are often considered an efficient means of creating an attractive meal setting. With this in mind, we offer a range of lace tablecloths to instantly lift the tone of your home dining experience. Browse our full range to discover elegant tablecloths in bold red, black, and every possibility in between. With a selection of round tablecloths in a multitude of fabrics, it is easy to find a charming table dressing to suit the shape of your table.