Dining and Tableware



Dining and Tableware

Co-ordinate your dining table with our range of dinnerware sets. Here at Dunelm, we appreciate the positive impact a unified aesthetic can have on your home dining experience. This is why we offer an extensive range of crockery, dinnerware sets, and dinner service sets, exemplifying practicality without compromising on style.

Impress your guests with the sophisticated modernity of our square dinner sets, available in a choice of chic high gloss colours. Alternatively, utilise the delicate elegance of our floral dinner set or poppy dinner set to bring a charming sense of tradition to any occasion, whether it is our large plates and dishes or pasta bowls. Our dinnerware, crockery and dinner plate sets are ideal for equipping your family and friends with the means to enjoy every course of your thoughtfully prepared meal.

With a selection of colours, as well as rounded and squared designs to choose from, it is easy to expand your dinnerware collection whilst remaining true to your home decor and personal sense of style. Whilst a black dinner set will exude elegance and sophistication, a patterned dinner set or colourful crockery can bring a funky style boost or subtle hint of interest to your table. Whether you are seeking embossed patterns, funky polka dots or anything in between, browse our full range of tableware sets and discover the dinnerware collections ideal for you.