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Sometimes you just need a small table to stand quietly next to the wall. Console tables perform just that function, and with a depth of fewer than 12 inches, are really handy things to have in the living room.

If you’re a bit stretched for space and can’t accommodate a coffee table, a console table may be the perfect alternative. You can put one next to your couch or armchair. They’re handy for placing a lamp on, and you can put books, remote controls, drinks and snacks on them while you’re relaxing. Some people have two console tables, one on either side of the couch, and that’s the kind of extravagance we heartily approve of.

Console tables can also fit in those nooks and crannies, such as the gaps between walls and doors, or next to bay windows, where it’s hard to find furniture for but a gap just seems like wasted space. They’re quite popular for hallways for this reason, as they are narrow enough to get past even in a typical hall or landing. There are usually similar gaps in any living room that could fit a console table in, giving you a bit of extra storage or display space, but taking up hardly any room and not getting in the way.

You can choose to have a pretty basic console table – that is, just a simple top and legs, and that fits in almost anywhere. If you want to eke out a bit more storage space, however, you can get one with drawers, doors or shelves, perfect for storing those little things like keys and phones that always get lost, or just as some general storage space.

Because they resemble small shelves, a console table is perfect for displaying photos, plants and ornaments on, or why not put your fruit bowl on there for a splash of colour?

When it comes to style, you can go for a traditional wooden design, a smart addition to any living room, especially if it matches the furniture. If you’re more of a lover of all things modern, we’ve got a wealth of options for you. There are glass-topped console tables and even one made entirely of bent glass, for a real talking point. You can have distressed wood, painted, metal or mirrored designs – in fact, whatever style your furniture is in your living room, we’ll have a fantastic console table which will match or complement it beautifully.

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