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Nest of Tables

Nests of tables are the Russian dolls of the table world. They’re handy little tables designed especially for occasional use, with a big one housing one or two smaller ones to pull out when the need arises.

Most people keep the largest nested table out as a display table or everyday table, housing a lamp and other everyday things. Because the smaller ones are tucked neatly away underneath, they don’t use up any more floor space, which is perfect when they’re not in use. They usually come out when guests arrive and serve as mini tables for the coffee and cakes you hand out. Then when they go, the tables slide back under the mother table until next time.

If you’ve got an image of old-fashioned nesting tables in your mind, it’s probably because they were hugely popular in the past, and every household had one. They went out of fashion, but nobody really knows why, as they’re great to have around. Now they’re back, they incorporate all the modern touches you’d expect, and look superb whether they’re filed away or are out being used.

So if you want a traditional looking nest of tables, you’re going to be well satisfied, as we’ve recreated the classic nesting table looks from yesteryear. In pine or oak, they really look the part and do their job admirably. You can opt for a slightly modernised version, with painted legs and wooden top, or a metal-framed set with wooden tops.

If modernity is your aim, we’ve really re-thought the concept of the nest of tables for people just like you. Chrome, brass and walnut materials really bring out the beautiful design of the modern sets, and the ones with glass tops are truly stunning objects. Perhaps the nesting tables most likely to create admiring glances are the bent glass ones – three tables made of unturned U-shaped sheets of glass, nothing more, nothing less, and truly beautiful in their own right, never mind how functional they are.

Our nests of tables come in twos and threes, so just pick the type of set you want and set them up in the nested positions until they’re needed. It’s time to rehabilitate this neglected item of furniture back into Britain’s homes. Beautiful and functional, every time you slide them out, it serves as a reminder that fashions and tastes change all the time, and sometimes they are quite wrong.

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