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How to care for your curtains

When getting your curtains ready for their window debut and in order to keep them at their best, there are some steps you can take. Have a look below for handy tips and tricks.

  • Some of our curtains are tightly packed, so upon opening may require a light iron. Read the care instructions for details of temperature and whether this can be done on the face or reverse of fabric.
  • For pencil pleat curtains, make sure you are happy with the curtain design and colour before pulling the strings, as returns will not be accepted after this point.
  • Most of our curtain ranges are dry clean only and will include all detail of this on the care label.
  • Pencil pleat curtains will need all hooks removing, and strings un-tying before sending off for dry cleaning.

Top Tip:

The majority of our curtains hold the Green Earth dry clean logo on the care label. Developed to take care of your textiles better than any traditional methods, Green Earth is the world's most sustainable form of dry cleaning. Customers will receive a 10% discount when you clean your Dunelm product the Green Earth way through Johnsons dry cleaners.

Caring for your curtains

  • Always check your pencil pleats curtains before you pull the draw cords. Returns can’t be accepted once the cords have been pulled.
  • When hanging new curtains ensure they are positioned away from the window pane to avoid direct contact with the glass where there could be condensation.
  • All curtains should be aired thoroughly before use and after dry cleaning.
  • New curtains sometimes have visible fold lined from the packaging. These will drop once the curtain is hung and the fabric lustre will return.
  • For any fold lines that are still visible after the curtains have been hanging for a week please refer to the care label before ironing to avoid damaging your curtains.
  • Once you have hung your curtains pleats can be teased into position by running your fingers through the fabric. To avoid bruising velvets with excessive handling we would recommend fitting a track with a pull cord.

Cleaning your curtains and voiles

  • Directions can vary depending on the fabric of your voile or curtain, so read the instructions on the care label carefully before washing.
  • Ensure all components are removed and if your curtains are pencil pleats, make sure the strings are undone before cleaning so the full curtain can be cleaned.

Hand washing

  • Always follow the care instructions on the label. For coloured and printed fabrics, we recommend using a colour care detergent. Never use bleach as this will damage the fabric.
  • Before washing, take the voile/curtain outside and shake off any dust that might have collected on the surface of the fabric.
  • Avoid rubbing the fabric against itself during washing, instead use a gentle squeezing motion to clean the fabric.
  • Rinse the fabric thoroughly after washing, fabric should then be hung and left to air dry.
  • Any creases should drop out as the fabric air dries. If any creases remain, check your care label to see if the fabric can be ironed and at what temperature is safe to do so.

Professional dry cleaning

  • Please follow the care code on the sew-in label.
  • For any Blackout or Thermal coated curtains or linings, we recommend dry cleaning in line with the ‘F’ symbol indicated on the care label.
  • After dry cleaning please ensure the curtains are dry and aired thoroughly before hanging them again.

Machine washing

  • Always refer to the care label before washing. Take care not to wash fabric at a higher than recommend temperature as this can damage the fabric.
  • Machine washable items should not be left on a spin cycle for too long, and should retain some moisture when removed from the machine, then hung whilst damp to help avoid deep creasing.
  • Printed and coloured fabrics should be washed separately from other products, using a colour care detergent. To avoid over-filling the machine, larger curtain panels may need to be washed individually.

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