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Measuring for Curtains

Measuring for Curtains

Getting the right measurements for your curtains is easy, just follow our step by step guide

Getting the right measurements for your curtains is easy, just follow our step by step guide.

Curtain Width

Step 1: Measuring your curtain track or pole

Top Tip:

For the best fit your track or pole should be 15-20cm above your window, and should stretch 15-20cm wider than the window on each side.

Step 2: Getting the right amount of gathering

The correct sized curtains should have a natural gather even when fully closed. To get this gather right, you'll need to double your track or pole measurement. This number is the width measurement you'll need to buy.

Top Tip:

Add an extra 2.5cm to the width measurement so your curtains will neatly overlap.

Curtain Length

Step 1: Deciding on your curtain length

There are three options to choose from:

Top Tip:

For windows over radiators, curtains should end 2-3cm above the top of the radiator so the heat does not escape behind the curtain.

Step 2: Measuring your curtain length.

Curtain Pole:

Top Tip:

Windowsills and floors can be uneven, so measure at 2 or 3 different points and use the smallest measurement as your length.

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Dunelm's ready made curtain dimensions

All of our ready made curtain sizes are labelled with 'width by drop' sizing, so the first number is always the measurement across, and the second is always the measurement down.

Our ready made curtains are sold in pairs, and the size refers to each individual curtain. For example, a pack of curtains labelled W 117cm X D 137cm will contain two curtains each measuring 117cm by 137cm.

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