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                Pausa Caffe Collection Square Plate


                Farmyard Dinner Plate


                Farmyard Side Plate


                Cinnabar Dinner Plate


                Cinnabar Soft Grey Side Plate


                Lulworth Seafoam Dinner Plate


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                Here at Dunelm we understand the integral role quality plates can play during everyday life. We therefore offer an attractive range of patterned and plain plates, designed to complement your existing decor whilst meeting your family's needs.

                Whilst our traditionally rounded plates will bring a touch of timeless elegance to your dinner table, our rectangular plates are the perfect means of updating your dinnerware collection and bringing interest to your dining experience. Similarly, our white plates benefit from a universal appeal, whereas our patterned plates are great for adding a unique twist to dinner time. With delicate floral prints, funky polka dots and many more designs to choose from, it is easy to find plates that reflect your personal sense of style. Ridging and embossed patterns are also utilised to bring delightful texture to your dining apparatus. We also have a range of plate sets ensurng you have matching crockery all round.

                In addition to our dinner plates, we offer an extensive range of side plates, great for serving salads, fruit and bread alongside your main dishes.