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    219 results

    219 results
    Dual 60L Recycling Pedal Bin

    Dual 60L Recycling Pedal Bin


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    Kitchen Bins

    Pedal bins

    By far the most popular choice for kitchen bins is the pedal bin. The fact that it opens hands-free means you can use both hands to scrape the contents of plates and chopping boards straight in there, without touching the lid. Because it’s such a popular concept, there are dozens of styles to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that matches the style of your kitchen. The steel ones are particularly fashionable, a tough bin that also looks modern. However, metal pedal bins of all types remain kitchen staples. Chrome looks great anywhere, and brushed metal often goes well with the rest of the kitchen’s hardware like hobs and grills. But of course, metal bins also come painted in every colour of the rainbow, and also in printed effects like marble, if that’s your style.

    Double pedal bins are really handy for separating your recycling – put your cardboard in one and glass in the other, and you’ll save yourself a job later, and never forget to split your rubbish.

    Press-top kitchen bins The press-top bin is a sleek alternative to the pedal bin or swing bin. It works like a retractable pen – one press opens it, another press closes it. So you keep smells in and pets out, and there’s no pedal at floor level. Again, they’re available in the complete range of colours and styles, so take your pick.

    Recycling bins

    We all need to do our bit, and these recycling bins make sure you don’t forget. We’ve got some smart designs for keeping your food, metal, glass and general waste separate, so all you need to do is put them in their proper outside bins when they get full.

    Sensor bins

    The ultimate in touch free bin technology has to be the sensor bin. No lifting lids, no pedals – the technology senses your proximity and opens the lid automatically, then closes it after a short time. Available in a whole range of styles, they’re a clean, high-tech solution.