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Create a Soothing Sleep Sanctuary

When it comes to how well you sleep, feeling calm, comfortable and relaxed in mind and body are high on the priority list, and achieving a great foundation of good sleep factors should be in everybody’s reach. We don’t need to tell you the importance and impact of a restful bedtime, because we all live it every day, whether we spring out of bed ready for anything or trudge towards our coffee mugs. Luckily for you, us and everyone else, we have ten top tips to help you create a consistently calming, restful and rejuvenating environment. Sleep sanctuaries aren’t a one size fits all phenomenon, but the key areas below are all proven ways to encourage more and better quality Zzz’s.

1. The right foundations

Support is essential for sleep comfort, so if you’re waking up with achy joints or struggling to get settled, changing your pillow or mattress could be the answer. There’s a lot of science that goes into both, so it’s worth doing some research before you buy, and bear in mind that you’ve already had years of experience with sleeping which you can use to inform your decisions. A mattress refresh is a big commitment, so you could try a memory foam mattress topper instead for some relief. In all cases, invest what you can in quality foundations as you’ll be spending a lot of time together, and when it comes to covers, choose natural, breathable fabrics to keep things comfortable.

2. Invest in quality materials

Investing in luxurious fabrics, expert craftsmanship and quality materials are all key to create the perfect night’s sleep. Comfort means different things to all of us, but once you have found what helps you unwind, the rest is easy. As well as the temperature of the room you’re sleeping in, fabrics are hugely important to us getting comfortable, dozing off and staying asleep. Natural fibres like silk, linen or bamboo, are all adept at wicking away moisture to keep you cool, as is cotton. Our Dorma bedding collections are famed for their quality materials, thread counts and general luxuriousness, and our latest addition – Dorma Purity - uses responsibly sourced cotton to create some of our most soothing sets yet.

3. Layer shades and textures

Keeping things crisp and fresh with light neutral tones is great for creating a calm aesthetic, but you’ll need to find another way to add depth if you’re keeping the colours muted. Creating inviting layers in different, luxurious textures can create the ultimate soft and homely bed. It’s not all about the bed though – for maximum effect you’ll want to have enticing textures around the room too like a sumptuous deep pile rug, luxurious curtains and plump cushions. Add hints of colour with tranquil grey and taupe tones, as well as natural materials like wood finishes, linen, and wool. Since no-one wants a saggy cushion, buy a cushion inner that is slightly larger than your case to give it a sumptuous look and feel.

4. Create serene scenery

Keeping where you sleep airy, clean and free of clutter will free you of the chore of tidying, but minimalism doesn’t mean you should hide away every belonging. Having a few of your favourite pieces on show such as meaningful photos, flowers and the book you’re currently reading makes your sleeping space feel personal and comforting. You don’t want our last thought before bed to be ‘I still need to sort/clean/put away those clothes’ so try to have a routine of wiping surfaces, putting clothes away and airing your room regularly to keep the space serene and inviting, and stop those tasks from building up.

5. Lighting

Natural light is a simple way to raise your mood but when that’s not an option, choosing the right artificial lighting for your haven can create a cosy glow that feels homely and looks beautiful when not in use. Neutral colour schemes work best when there is a lot of natural light around to enhance the bright, clean look By day, and by placing pockets of soft, diffused artificial light in your bedroom, the contrast against the shade helps the room feel luxurious, cosy and ready to sleep in.

6. Add little luxurious touches

With this minimalist look, little touches can make all the difference. Injecting a touch of opulence into your bedroom such as a mirrored photo frame or a relaxing scented candle mixed with plants and flowers can really soften a room that could otherwise look stark.

A simple way to break up the bareness is with the shine of a chrome lamp base, or something naturally soft and organic like flowers, or plants. Indoor plants are continuing to have a moment in home styling, and bring a host of wellbeing benefits along with breaking up the straight lines.

7. Keep it quiet

We live in a world that revolves around technology and it’s easy for that to seep into our daily routine, especially when we are trying to relax. Try a digital detox when it comes to your bedroom to help clear your mind of distractions. You don’t have to be entertainment free at bedtime, just swap your tablet or phone for a book instead to keep your sanctuary clear for rest and recuperation. If you find that your mind is still racing from the day, keep a notebook and pen on your bedside table so you can jot down those niggling thoughts for tomorrow.

8. Keep it cool

Between 15 to 19°C is the perfect temperature for comfortable sleep, so check that your duvet tog (it’s warmth rating) is suitable for the time of year, and alternate any additional layers from sumptuously thick knitted throws to light and airy linen. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and satin and try opening a window when the weather is pleasant to let in some lovely fresh air.

9. Add a relaxing scent

Breathing in a soothing scent such as lavender or camomile can help to calm your mood and relax. Try lighting a scented candle while you’re preparing for bed, or even if you’re just spending some time in your bedroom (just remember to blow it out when you leave or you’re ready to sleep. You could also use a drop or two of essential oils on your pillow or keep a diffuser on your side table to gently release soothing scents.

10. Practise rituals

Mindful meditation is the perfect way to decompress from the day and unwind ready for bed. Taking a few moments to clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing can help you let go of stress and calm the body. When you get up in the morning, try to make your bed as part of your routine so it looks fresh and inviting when you come back to it later.

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