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          Bird Feeders and Wildlife

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          1kg No Grow Seed Mix


          Pack of 6 Fat Snax


          Prefilled Premium Fat Ball Bird Feeder


          Prefilled Premium Peanut Bird Feeder


          Kids Bug House



          Baby Bio 175ml Original Houseplant Food


          Baby Bio 40ml Original Single Drip Feeders


          Baby Bio 175ml Orchid Plant Food


          Baby Bio 40ml Single Orchid Drip Feeder


          80 Baby Bio Leaf Wipes


          Baby Bio 1 Litre Houseplant Bug Killer Spray


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          Bird Feeders & Wildlife

          Attracting birds and other wildlife into our gardens is good for them and entertaining for us, and helping to keep birds happy and healthy all year round is something we can all get involved with quite easily. Dunelm’s range of flip-top bird feeders, peanut bird feeders, premium fat ball bird feeders, peanut and seed mixes are an effortless way to bring wildlife into your garden. Simply hang our flip-top bird feeders and roosting pouches to tree branches to create a home away from home for all types of birds and wildlife.

          As well as looking after the birds, summer is when we tend to our flowers, trees and shrubs to create a neat, lush and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy when hosting a barbecue, outdoor dining or soaking up the sun on a sun lounger or deck chair. Thanks to our range of Baby Bio plant food, Baby Bio drip feeders, Baby Bio leaf wipes and houseplant bug killer spray, we are sure we have everything you need to tend to your garden, give your plants the best care possible, and create a picturesque landscape.