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Dunelm’s wide selection of superior greenhouses come in a range of different materials, with prices that suit every budget. Grow fresh vegetables and fruit in your own garden this summer, or simply create a plant-filled paradise - the choice is yours!

How to Choose a Greenhouse

If you’re currently considering buying a greenhouse, an important thing for you to consider is how you will be using it and whether you have enough space in your garden. A helpful way to establish this is to use some string to outline how much space a greenhouse would take up in your garden. Remember, you’ll need a walkway down the middle, which reduces the area for planting. For this reason, a wider greenhouse is preferable to a longer one. 

Aluminium, Plastic & Wooden Greenhouses at Dunelm

We stock a number of aluminium, plastic and wooden frame greenhouses. There are plenty of pros and cons associated with each. Generally, wooden greenhouses are favoured for their traditional styles and appearance. They also blend well naturally with your garden and are, typically, better at maintaining a constant temperature. 

Aluminium greenhouses tend to be lower maintenance than a wooden version.That said, care should obviously be taken to ensure structural components remain as clean as possible so as to deter pests. They are also relatively easy to self assemble. 

Plastic greenhouses, meanwhile, are generally a more affordable option. Plastic greenhouses also provide better insulation than regular glass options. This is due to plastic having better heat retention properties. Finally, plastic greenhouses also tend to have internal air spaces which provide added insulation values. 

Small Greenhouses & Mini Greenhouses for Compact Gardens

If you’re limited for space, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the joy of owning a greenhouse! Fortunately, at Dunelm, we have a range of small and mini greenhouses which are ideal for more compact gardens. Our 3 and 4 tier greenhouses can sit snugly in a corner of the garden without taking up to much space.

Greenhouse Styles

Your greenhouse doesn’t have to be a simple square or rectangle, you could explore putting a hexagonal greenhouse, or even an octaganol greenhouse into your garden for something a little different. A Victorian greenhouse is a popular choice for someone who wants some decoration and for it to stand it out in their garden.

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