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Clothing Care

It makes sense to get as much life out of your clothes as possible, so you should use washing products that are kind to them. You’ll find they keep their colour, structure and shape for longer, and that means more value for money from your favourite clothes.

Fabric care

At Dunelm, we stock a whole range of items to make sure your clothes are kept at their peak for longer. Our fabric care products are a mixture of solutions that have been proven to work over centuries, such as starch, and modern innovations that help care for your clothes. We have specialist products that help retain colour, even in mixed washes, and others that restore the dazzling whiteness of new shirts, sheets and blouses. Just have a look through the section to find these amazing products, and start noticing the difference. Note that these products aren’t just for clothes – you can use many of them with sheets, curtains and towels too.

Cleaning products

You might have a favourite brand of washing powder, but we stock some products to give your washes a little something extra. In our selection of cleaning products , you’ll find really effective stain removers that lift greasy and ground-in marks like magic. There are also scented laundry detergents that can give your wash beautiful aromas like lavender or freesia. If you like your clothes and towels super-fluffy on contact with the skin, you should have a look at our fabric softeners, which take away all the rough edges and even deliver a lovely scent too.

For the eco-conscious among you, we also stock laundry liquid and fabric softeners made by Ecover, who have been making environmentally friendly household cleaning products for over 40 years. Not only are the products biodegradable, even the plastic from the bottle is plant-based.

Clothing dyes

Another way of extending the life of your clothes is to dye them . If that much-loved top or pair of trousers is fine in fabric terms but has faded through washing, you can make it look like new again with one of the superb Dylon fabric dyes we stock. All you have to do is pop the capsule into the washing machine with your clothes, do a wash cycle and let it dry – you’ll notice the difference straight away.

Dyes aren’t just for restoring colour – you can use them to give clothes, sheets, curtains and towels a complete new look. It’s best to use a white item to start with, but the sky’s the limit – you could even try a bit of tie-dye.

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